Nature and Significance of Orthodontics

My  smile has an enemy! It’s my teeth! How much I wanted to smile sweetly but my teeth does not allow me to. My teeth come from different races. How can they be harmonized?

Definition. Orthodontics is a strategic way of dentists to treat and prevent malocclusion. Malocclusion is the improper growth of teeth so that they will be not be aligned horizontally and vertically with each other. This also pertains to the abnormal positions, sizes, spaces of teeth that makes human unable to  have perfect bite that results to indigestion. Not only this but this also leads to speech impairment, difficulty in tooth hygiene, open mouth due to the ugliness of frontal teeth. Please note that this is not a disease but part of facial imperfections.

Etymology. Orthodontos is the original word of orthodontics. The word comes from Latin word “Orthos” which means perfect, straight, and correct while “dontos” means tooth.

Brief Background. For thousands of years before 1800’s, ancient people had tried to correct their teeth’s imperfections. Not long after that, Orthondontics was specialized in the beginning of 1800’s. Thanks to the French contributor of this dental specialty, Pierre Fauchard, people are able to treat their facial imperfections. He popularized this field by publishing “The Surgeon Dentist” that talks about straightening teeth. Malocclusion does not allow humans to have their perfect bite and perfect jaw that affects health matters  not to mention facial appearance.

Treatment. Thanks to the development of science and the emergence of brilliant dentists. They made braces and retainers as a means  of treating abnormal tooth. Treating would be easier in the beginning of early childhood since the growing of the new teeth start at the age of 6. Braces are too painful for the mouth when braces are newly connected. You may not be able to eat or speak properly due to the pain. It must not be forgotten that braces and retainers are expensive but worthy. Teeth and facial shape is part of beauty.

By treating your teeth abnormalities, you will have no chance of regretting because you can uphold your confidence in smiling plus positive health concerns.