Things to know about the World Health Organization

Their are many organizations that are either non profit or for profit that have been formed for the benefit of human race. Some of this organizations are well known and its achievement is recognized by the whole world. Their are small ones who make their own effort. One that we will know today is the World Health Organization or simply WHO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. It is focus with the health of everyone globally. It was first established on April 7, 1948. The headquarters is located at Geneva, Switzerland. Also, this organization is a member of the United Nations Development Group.

Do you know who the head of the organization is? It is Margaret Chan. What exactly is the goal or objective of this organization? It is the attainment by all people of the good quality of health treatment possible. The role of this organization is very important as it promotes education on the situation of the worldwide health, any diseases that should be avoided, to contain the outbreak of any disease and help in the front line and in the administrative side with this company’s help check link 九福照管中心. It is not an easy task so their are volunteers that are part of the team for the successful delivery of the vision and mission of the organization.

The organization gives primary focus on the prevention of diseases and to contain it as much as possible so that it will not result to death, disability or more diseases. Such things are being done by the World Health Organization which are so great.