Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is basically the removal of a tooth or teeth. Tooth extraction is done due to different reasons. It can be that there is no room for all the teeth in the mouth, a decay has been rooted into the tooth and is been badly damaged, infection is been spreading and is destroying your teeth and surrounding bones. Tooth extraction has good effects but there are some bad effects also. Then, what are the benefits in having extraction.


Tooth extractions are used to treat variety conditions such as impacted wisdom tooth, crowded teeth, gum disease, advanced tooth decay, broken teeth, and other reasons. Tooth extraction treatments are done basically to avoid infections around impacted wisdom teeth and crowded teeth, reduce health risk, prevent painful abscess, prevent gum bleeding and reduces bad breath. In general, good dental treatment leads to good health. On the other hand, there are some bad effects of having tooth extraction. These cases will occur if procedure in tooth extraction is not followed.

In fact, in simple toothache, tooth extraction is not always the option. When a tooth will be extracted, it will reduce the functionality of biting thus not giving you the best appetite when eating. Also, it affects the appearance of your smile as there will be spaces and gaps. More so, after or during the extraction, there can be complications resulting to root fracture and injuries to adjacent teeth. Other things are the suffering of pain and swelling, soft tissue complications, bleeding after tooth extraction and delayed wound healing that may cause infections.