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Risk factors for Oral Diseases

In order to have good and healthy teeth, we must avoid things that could affect them or worst destroy them. It’s always good to maintain our oral health or hygiene, don’t you think so? Because oral health is very important for the over all health and good life. If we have a healthy teeth and mouth, then, we […]

Importance of Oral Health and Hygiene

Do you know how important is oral health and hygiene? Most people wants to keep a healthy and beautiful smile. That’s why they brush their teeth daily, they have dental flossing daily, and always visit their dentist for regular check-ups. These things prevent dental cavities and gum disease to occur. It also helps keep your […]

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is basically the removal of a tooth or teeth. Tooth extraction is done due to different reasons. It can be that there is no room for all the teeth in the mouth, a decay has been rooted into the tooth and is been badly damaged, infection is been spreading and is destroying your […]

The Goodness of Dentures

Tooth is very important in our life because it part of our survival. Who can eat without teeth? It is very natural for humans to give credit to their teeth because this is publicly seen. People who lose their frontal tooth prove this. They do not show their teeth because it seems ugly showing their […]

What are the Different Oral Diseases?

Do you have any dental problems or oral diseases? For sure, it’s never fun and surely burdensome! If your dental problem is not that worse, then that’s good. Actually, most of dental problems can be easily prevented. What are the things that you must do to prevent such dental problems? Things like brushing your teeth […]

Orthodontics: When did it start?

History is one of the interesting topics that many people want to learn and understand. One reason is we can learn a lesson from it and understand why it is like this in the present. We can know many great people and activities that contributed to the present day status of our world and the […]

What exactly is Orthodontics?

We have been talking about orthodontics and dentistry in other articles. We have given a slight or some knowledge on it on those articles. As it is an important subject for the better understanding of the goal and this website we must fully learn about it. To know about orthodontics we must know about dentistry. So, what […]