1.  What is banding?

Banding is cementing orthodontic bands to the teeth.

2.  What is bonding?

Bonding is attaching brackets to the teeth.

3.  What is debanding?

Debanding is the process of removing the cemented orthodontic brackets.

4.  What is maxillary?

Maxillary refers to the upper part of the jaw.

5.  What is crowding?

Crowding is a dental malalignment (improper alignment of the teeth).

6.  What are central teeth?

Central teeth are the two upper and two lower teeth in the center of the mouth.

7.  What are deciduous teeth?

It is called the primary or baby teeth.

8.  Is having braces only for young age?

Wearing braces is not for young age only. Even adult patients can wear braces.

9.  How many times should a patient brush his teeth when wearing braces?

A patient wearing braces should brush his teeth for at least four times a day, every after meal and before going to bed.

10.  How many times should I see the orthodontist?

To see the orthodontist at least once a month is recommendable.